Friday, April 24, 2009

Catching Up, Part 2

With a mild bout of denim induced saddle sore and acrimonious feelings towards singlespeed racing, i called the 2008 MTB season quits. I had raced nearly 20 events over an 8 month period, and was ready for a slight reprieve.

So, as the days grew cooler and the daylight hours dwindled, my thoughts - like so many competitive mountain bikers - turned to cyclocross. Yes - a long, exhausting season still can't take away the magic of riding skinny tires and leaping over barriers.

(seen here racing the morning after a 24 MTB hour race... luckily i was only the mechanic)

I was ready to race 'cross... but was NOT about to train for it. So, i adopted my slightly more lax "beer and ice cream" training regimen. As the name implies, i aimed to replenish all of the malt, hops, milk fat and chocolate that had been depleted from my legs throughout the racing season. Thankfully, my system responded well to the increased "hop loading" and "cherry garcia intervals"...

Mmmm... look at those beautiful aroma hops.

1 comment:

Lyle said...

I think I hear angels singing.
They are telling me to pack up a couple of those sweet nectars and hit Winter Creek some weekend soon.
Can you hear it?