Monday, June 30, 2008

NMBS #4 Highlights

Another weekend, another round of the NMBS traveling circus. In lieu of a real post, i've decided to put up pictures that i think accurately encompass the weekend's activities. Stand by for a detailed race report. Enjoy!

Sweet view of the venue from the top of the course. Our condo was just to the left of the condos in the lower left part of the frame.

Front row, center callup is awfully nice (for a change).

JHK gave'r like hell, but couldn't pull out the three-peat. Maybe next year.

Tree Farm must think it's 'cross season, because he was killing it all race long in Saturday's XC.

...and in Sunday's STXC. Much to Tree's chagrin, though, Kabush launched the signature last-lap move and took a narrow win.

I think JHK's face says it all.


John McKeen said...

Looking forward to the race report!

Andrew said...

Callups mean that you're hurting some people in races Thats awesome man.

Brooke said...

Lets hear about your recent smackdowns!!!

John McKeen said...

Seriously, you're lack of writing is cutting into my work reading.

Lyle said...

'Effin Christ, just cuz I had a minor lapse in blogging doesn't mean it's not cool anymore.
I am bringing it back, it will be en vogue again so you better start practicing now so you can get all the chicks that come with blogging fame as soon as our blogs take off... again.