Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I was stoked when i stumbled across THIS article in today.

Tim Allen (the bike racer, not the comedian and star of Home Improvement) is hands down one of the most laid back, approachable dudes i have encountered whilst racing the NMBS series - especially in light of his freakish natural ability and down right frightening short speed. You'd practically have to pry it out of him that he scooped up a handful of convincing NMBS wins as a semi-pro, and made a huge splash as a first-year pro.

What immediately comes to mind for me is watching Tim tow Carl Decker and Rad Ross in the 'B' group for several laps of the NOVA short track... no small feat by any means.

Best of luck to Tim this weekend at World's.

Make sure to give him some love on the VooDoo blog.

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