Thursday, May 29, 2008

End of an Era

A sad day has come for all Bearclaw's and Pasadena cyclists, alike.

Scarantino's Italian Inn closed its doors last Sunday - bringing to an end what was arguably the greatest, cyclist-friendly hang out i have ever encountered.

It's not hard to pinpoint what made Scarantino's such a natural fit for all of my cycling comrades: cyclist owned, cyclist patrons, great food, expansive European beer selection, REAL espresso, and the feeling that you "were one of the gang" every time you set foot in the restaurant.

Luckily, the silver lining to this cloud is that former owner and close friend, Jesse Scarantino, will now have far more free time to ride, hike and drink beer with the rest of us, as the 24/7 responsibility of running a restaurant has been lifted off his shoulders.

Scarantino's - it was fun while it lasted, and not soon forgotten.



Caltech said...


John McKeen said...

Nice job yesterday in Big Bear! Not too shabby. Pro upgrade for next year????

teknohed said...

How come I never heard about this place until after it closed. it'd be a good stop after the usual "Saturday Epic Ride". too bad...good looking beer selection.

Looks like I'll just have to stick to the Montrose Cafe or Jinky's in Sherman Oaks.